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We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from parents and those outside of the club about our club badge. We’ve been very lucky as one of our sponsors is Precept, a brand performance business based in Newcastle. Precept offered to support the club with brand development, creating an identity for the club that we could be proud of.

Precept asked us to think about what is important to the club. We provided the following information:

  • Our Core Values of Respect, Fun and Inclusivity
  • Washington itself:
    • Washington has roots to coal mining (the ‘F’ Pit Museum), railway lines to transport the coal, engineering (there’s industrial estates named after local engineers – Parsons, Armstrong, Stephenson, Crowther, Pattinson, Swan and Emerson), the River Wear. New industry is car manufacturing, mainly Nissan (which employs lots of people from the area) and electric vehicles
    • Washington is the original Washington – William de Wessyngton was an ancestor of
      George Washington, the first President of the United States. Washington Old Hall was the family home of George Washington’s ancestors
    • Washington has a ‘coat of arms’ – The design (three red stars over two horizontal red bars on a white field) is often said to have inspired the Stars and Stripes on the American flag
  • Behaviours (How the club should act and conduct itself, especially to others): Inspiring, Honest, Motivating, Energetic
  • Characteristics (If the club was a person, what features or qualities would we have): Friendly, Professional, Modern, Encouragement
  • Relationships (How do we want to connect with those who are part of the club or see us from outside): Loyalty, Friendship, Family
  • Emotions (What feelings do we want those involved with the club to experience): Proud to be part of something, Excitement, Joy, Trust

Club Badge Concepts

We were provided with a number of concepts which at an early stage, were used to gather feedback before moving forward to finalise a direction.

Concept 1 (Simple Approach)

Washington Rangers - Club Badge Version 1The first concept took a simple approach, utilising the Washington Old Hall eagle, the 3 stars from the Washington Coat of Arms and an old style football. The main colours used are a blue (with variations) and red.

Washington Rangers - Club Badge Version 1 Components

Initial feedback from the club committee was good, citing the focus on the eagle and simplicity as two positive factors.

Concept 2 (Very Modern Approach)

Washington Rangers - Club Badge Version 2

The second concept took a very modern approach (something that could be used as the logo on a smartphone game of app). The knight was taken from the Washington Coat of Arms and became the main focus. The concept relies on the ‘Rangers’ in Washington Rangers being a figure going into battle. Variations of blue (from dark to light) were presented.

Washington Rangers - Club Badve Version 2 Components

The club committee felt the logo was fantastic, citing the modern approach as a major factor. Our young players would love the logo but we wondered if the logo would age quickly. Would our players still feel the same way about the logo when they get older?

Concept 3 (Modern Approach)

Washington Rangers - Club Badge Version 3

The final concept utilised the Washington Old Hall eagle, the 3 stars from the Washington Coat of Arms and an old style football (as did Concept 1) but with a modern twist. The eagle is sitting on top of the football, above the wording of Washington Rangers FC.

Washington Rangers - Club Badge Version 3 Components

Sometimes you see something and know it’s the right choice. The club committee knew straight away this concept represented the club, in terms of now and in the future. Having our heart set on this concept, we asked for some changes:

  • Add in the 3 stars from the Washington Coat of Arms
  • Update the football to a more modern one
  • A variation in colour

From Concept to the Final Club Badge

Our final club badge was presented to us and, as a club, we feel it represents everything we wanted. The badge includes elements from Washington, is a modern approach and aligns to our core values. We’d like to thank the team at Precept for taking us through their process and providing us with an identity to be proud of.

Club Badge – Final


Washington Rangers - Final Logo

Club Badge – Final Components


Washington Rangers - Club Badge Final Components

Club Badge – Dark


Washington Rangers - Brand (Dark)

Club Badge – Red


Washington Rangers - Brand (Red)

Club Badge – Official Blue


Washington Rangers - Brand (Blue)