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Description / Aims

The attackers (in possession) pass from the goal line, aiming to create chances and score, whilst finding space, creating overloads (2v1 in wide areas). If they lose possession, they must make recovery runs. The defenders (out of possession) need to keep their shape, pressing the ball (who / how many), track runs, communicating with each other. If they intercept, focus straight on the counter-attack, forcing the attacking team to now defend

Time / No. of Players

25 mins / Attacking team to have player advantage


  • Pitch: Half with 1 goal at one end (defence) and 2 gates/goals at the other end (attacking team)
  • Warm Up: As planned
  • Use one ball, match scenario. Balls available from starting point (behind attacking goal line). Once ball is dead, reset (with attacker playing the ball out) and start again
  • Include a retreat line approx. midpoint of playing area (modify to suit)

Penetrate the Defence - Main

Coaching Points

This is a session aimed at attacking play.

  • Attack (in possession) – Pass from the goal line, aiming to create chances and score, finding space, creating overloads (2v1 in wide areas), Accurate passing, Communication, Pass recognition, Passage of play recognition, Movement/Space, Speed , Quality, Technique, Control, Vision
  • Defence (out of possession) – Discipline, Communication, Positioning, Body stance, Organisation/Distance, Patience, Angles, When to press, Show player away


  • If the defending team win back the ball, they can gain 2 points by running through one of the added gates/goals
  • Introduce offside
  • Replace the 2 goals/gates with a standard size goal with GK

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