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Description / Aims

Defence (in possession and attacking) – Pass from the keeper, through the defence, CDM and up to a target man (in the end zone), through to the end zone. If possession is lost, set a time target (i.e. 5 seconds) to win the ball back
Attack/Pressing (out of possession and looking to press) – Intercept the pass and counter-attack, shoot on target

Time / No. of Players

25 mins / GK+Def+CDM+FWD v the other players


  • Pitch: Half with an End Zone at one end
  • Warm Up: As planned
  • Use one ball, match scenario. Balls available from the starting point (behind goal). Once the ball is dead, reset (with GK taking a goal kick) and start again
  • Include a retreat line approx. 10 yards from GK area (modify to suit)

Playing From the BackCoaching Points

This session is focussed on the defence moving the ball from the GK, out of defence and up through the pitch, aiming to build up play and score.

  • Speed: The pass weight and speed, initially form the GK and through to attacking play
  • Body Position: If receiving the ball from the GK, better to receive at the side in order to view what’s in front (if the player has their back to the ball then it could be an easy interception)
  • Positions: Where should each players position be? The difference between
  • Space: Focus on the CDM and FWD to find the space for a pass. If Wing Backs are used, where is the space – they may stay wide throughout or head infield if the space is there
  • Movement: Not to stand still. Players to offer an option
  • Time: Removing the retreat line means less time for the defence to move the ball
  • Players: Remember that the GK is available to receive the ball as well
  • Transition: Explain the difference between being in possession and not – what does that mean? Why does it matter?
  • Attack/Pressing – The session is focussed on the defence building up play but it’s useful to explain to the pressing team the importance of gaining possession back


  • Remove retreat line – Allow attacking players to press the defence from the goal kick
  • Remove target end zone and replace with a standard goal or two smaller goals (one on each side – forces the team out of possession to defend goals on either side)
  • Introduce a float player who plays for whoever is in possession
  • Introduce offside

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